The Canto Mensurable blog welcomes texts about Music, Art History or Cultural Heritage, preferably establishing relations between these three thematic areas. Most of what is posted on Canto Mensurable (as the blog title suggests) is related to polyphony, sacred or secular, from the 15th to the 18th century, also instrumental music and explores the relations between Music and the other arts. Posts are accompanied by videos (mostly from YouTube)

Canto Mensurable welcomes texts in English, Portuguese or Castellano of, at least, 700 words. The name of the author should appear after the title and the affiliation/institution between ( ).

Citation style used is APA (Author: date) system.

Texts should be sent on a Microsoft Word file (Docx.), or a similar compatible file, to the email

Texts should be accompanied by a cover image of less than 1 mb (it can appear cropped in the post page and main page).

Texts may be accompanied by one or more videos. The links (or embed codes) should be at the end of the document and the place of the video should be identified in the text between [ ].